The Best Football Gifts to Bring it Home

Football LED Colour Changing Desk Night Light

Fiercely loyal to the boys. Always hosts the best matchday party. And footballs’ greatest fan. Don’t they deserve a present? Gifting the football fan in your life a commemorative, useful or just funny football-themed gift is a brilliant idea. Whether it’s a birthday present or just a thank you for having that huge wide screen TV to watch the footie on, you need a stellar gift to show your appreciation.

20 years from now, you can bet they’ll still be holding onto your gift and thinking back to the UEFA Euro Final 2020, England v Italy. What a year. What a gift. Thanks, mate.

Let’s kick off this list.

Start with a Small Football Gift

Football Motif Blue Pencils

Hey, write this down. A good gift is personalised, useful, and of course, has a football theme! If you want a cheerful, useful, but not too “I love you, man” gift, then these pencils are the bomb. Check out the Football Motif Blue Pencils and get them made with their nickname etched on the side.

It’s a great gift for anyone, but especially for kids. The kid at school with the personalised football pencils is the coolest. Forever. Oh, and if blue isn’t your team’s colour, we can make these cool football pencils in red too.

On This Day, the Best Football Present was Bought

Football On This Day Book

The Football On This Day Book is one of the coolest and most interesting books there is when it comes to football presents. Before you wrap it up, you can’t help but peek inside to find out what happened in football on your birthday!

Inside the book, which has a customisable cover you can personalise with a name and message, you’ll find entries for every day. Seriously, some of the facts, stories and memories inside will have you laughing, crying, and blessing the day football was invented.

Win or Lose, We’ll Still Enjoy a Pint

Personalised Football Pint Glass

This is the kind of gift that’s kept forever, along with the kid’s first school photos and that ugly antique porcelain figurine you can’t get rid of (we all have one of those). The humble pint glass. There’s never time to worry about whether it’s half full or half empty, just keep the beer flowing and the volume up loud.

It’s perfect for spilling all over the couch when we score that final goal. Oh, and the Football Pint Glass is personalised with their name, so no one else will dare use it.

Perfect for Pocket Money

Football Square Money Box

Teach the kids of today how to save up for something great. And what’s greater than a trip out for an away-day match? The nickel-plated Football Square Money Box is just the right size and shape for coins (or notes) that can be stashed away for whenever the team are playing.

It’s two gifts, really. A neat, personalised money box, and the opportunity to save up and see your favourite players live.

The best thing about this gift? You don’t need to smash it open to reach that cash, thanks to the swivel stopper at the base.

One for The Team Player

Football 6x4 White Wooden Photo Frame

Any message, any photo. That’s what makes this football present really unique and guaranteed to be loved. You can usually find photos of the team on Facebook. All you need to do is get the best one printed. Pick a photo of the team, or that action-shot that changed the game completely. Any photo you choose is going to look epic in this Personalised Football 6×4 White Wooden Photo Frame.

This makes a brilliant gift for your star player, on their birthday or just for when they finish the season on a win.

A Personalised Greeting Card for the Football Father

Personalised Top of the League Card

This football Father’s Day greeting card is completely personalised. You can even get the message on the inside printed directly in the card. No need to find a pen at the last minute or think of something sentimental to write!

For all those times Dad took you to the match, bought you a drink, helped with the face paint, and almost broke your eardrums with his cheering, get him this card. You can use finally let him know how much he is appreciated. If he truly is top of the league, this is the football gift for him.

We Love Your Mug


No.1 Footballer Mug

For the No. 1 Footballer in your life, this mug is a treat. Every day when they reach for that first cuppa, they’ll be reminded of all the good times. Watching the game, kicking a ball around the back garden, losing the ball over the fence… Ah, all the memories flood back.

You can personalise the No. 1 Footballer Mug with their name on the front and a short n’ sweet message on the back. Use it for birthdays presents, Christmas presents, or “just because” presents. Now all that’s left to do is put the kettle on!

Kid’s Football Themed Gifts

Personalised Football A5 Notebook

If the personalised pencils weren’t enough, you can pair them with this neat notepad. It’s personalised on the front with their name and has plenty of space for hangman, keeping track of scores, and writing letters to football heroes. This is one of our favourite football-themed gifts for kids.

The Personalised Football A5 Notebook is also a great stocking filler for Christmas eve. You’ll even find it easy to wrap and to personalise it even further, write a note on the inside cover before you gift it.

He’s Only Gone and Done It!

Football LED Colour Changing Desk Night Light

Score! This is the last, but also one of the best, football presents on our list. The only thing we love more than kicking back to watch the match is gifting this Football LED Colour Changing Light. For the grown-ups, it’s a cool light to have on their desk at work. For kids, it’s a comforting night light that guarantees football-themed dreams.

Either way, it’s one of the many great football presents you can find here at For You.

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