9 Personalised Graduation Gifts for All Ages

Graduation Certificate Holder

After watching them study hard for hours, the stress of exams, and the nail-biting worry as they wait for their results… don’t they deserve a gift? We have a great list of graduation gifts, keep scrolling for those (pun intended), but that’s not the only time for a congratulations gift.

We’ve separated out our exam success gifts by era. For those bright-eyed eager learners, see secondary school gifts. For the so-close-to-freedom independent student, check out A-Level gifts, and for the student you are most proud of, degree success gifts are at the end of our list.

Great for Secondary School/GCSE Achievements

These congratulations gift ideas are awesome for young achievers. Whether you’re celebrating getting into high school or making it through all those GCSE exams, these gifts are perfect for the occasion.

Teenagers are not easy to buy for, but we think we’ve cracked it!

High School Congratulations Gift

Personalised Scripted Pen and Pouch Set

Okay, so this gift idea isn’t actually new. Gifting a smart, high-quality pen is a classic gift to give any bright young mind for when they start secondary school. You can almost guarantee that they’ll use it until it runs dry. And with our Scripted Pen and Pouch Set, you can emboss their name on the side. It won’t get lost and they’ll keep it as a memento for years to come.

A Gift… Box

Round Trinket Box

This small trinket box is very elegant and simple, but it is a perfect exam success gift for GCSEs. You can even gift it for smaller occasions, like a great parents evening report or helping the school’s team win at football. All you have to do is personalise the Round Trinket Box with a message of your choice. Go for something simple like “Congratulations!” or make it really special with something like “Sophie, Grade A Student, Reach for the Stars!”.

An Apple A Day

Happy Apple Wooden Star Decoration

This cute sign is a favourite amongst grateful students, but it’s a great souvenir for their time in the classroom too. Our Happy Apple Wooden Star Decoration has completely customisable text, so you can change greatest teacher to greatest student, or any other personal message you want to share. This exam success gift will look awesome hanging up over their desk in their room.

You could even gift them one for every year they get through high school!

Congrats on Your A-Levels!

School is finally over – next up is college, university or even their first job. So, how are you going to celebrate? These three gifts are ideal for your almost-adult superstar as exam pass gifts.

Seriously, a Car?

Round Photo Keyring

When they hit this age, the first thing they ask for is a car. By the time their A-Levels are over, you’ve probably watched them take their driving test too. So, how about a car? Whether you’re buying them their first motor or just helping them save up for it, this is a neat gift that can wrap it all into one. The Round Photo Keyring is the perfect gift to write your exam pass success message on, then attach to their brand new car keys.

As for the photo you put inside, how about their cutest baby picture? One last chance to embarrass your teenager!

One Very Useful Graduation Gift

Classic Tan Leather Wallet

The first one is on you! With their 18th birthday looming, there’s no doubt that getting drunk is on your teenager’s mind. It’s a rite of passage, really, along with getting that first Saturday job and driving their first car. But who’s paying?

When they pass their A-Levels and get ready for adulthood, they are going to need a sturdy wallet. That is where our Classic Tan Leather Wallet steps in. Personalise it with your graduation message and it will last a lifetime. Or get lost in Ibiza. One or the other.

Get Everyone Involved

Occasion Guest Book Frame

This occasion guest book frame is often used for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. But it’s perfect for when your son or daughter is finishing school. Hand this out to teachers, students, friends and family so they can write messages on it! Wish them luck as they head off to university or a work placement with this very sentimental and lovely gift.

It’s a keepsake they’ll certainly keep.

Wow, Degree Success Gifts Already?

Where does the time go? It was only yesterday that you were taking that photo on their first day of school. Remember how cute they looked? But now they’ve truly flourished and have their degree. These are 3 gifts that are perfect for saying congrats.

Ginormous Gin Glass

Gin Balloon Glass

After years of cheap booze, sharing everything, and studying hard, this is the gift you should give when they graduate. The Gin Balloon Glass. No one is going to touch their gin now! It’s perfect for the G&T lover who’s in need of a graduation gift. Personalise it with any name or nickname you like, up to 12 characters.

Make sure you wrap up a bottle of their favourite gin too!

Graduation Photo Frame

Silver 4x6 Graduation Photo Frame

This silver 4×6 photo frame will commemorate their graduation. If you’re giving it as a gift before they graduate (or on the day) make sure you put in a funny or cute picture before you wrap it. That photo of their first day at school is sure to make them smile when they realise how far they’ve come.

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve got the camera ready at their graduation ceremony to make sure you have a good shot to put in the frame!

The King of All Graduation Gifts

Graduation Certificate Holder

It’s the kind of gift that everyone needs. But don’t make them go out and buy it themselves! Surprise whoever’s graduation by gifting them the personalised graduation certificate holder. It’s perfect for putting up on the mantel piece or in the display cabinet. After all those long years of hard work and studying, this gift really shows how much you appreciate and admire how far they’ve come.

Now, where’s the bubbly? It’s time to celebrate!

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