How to Say Thank You (with Sincerity) – The 8 Best Thank You Gifts!

Classic Pink Scented Jar Candle

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. A cheap card isn’t going to cut it either. To truly express your gratitude in a sincere way (not a cheesy way) then you need to find the perfect gift… but that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

So, before you pick up generic bath products for her, or yet another aftershave for him, check out these 8 amazing thank you gifts from For You!

How to Say Thank You Sincerely

When you’ve said thank you a million times before, it’s hard to keep it sincere. We get that. Whether it’s the babysitter you’ve relied on for years or your grandparents who always lend you some money when you need it, there comes a time when you need to say one big thank you… and say it with sincerity.

Our top tips to make sure they really feel your gratitude:

  • Pick a personalised gift! Anyone can buy a box of chocolates at the petrol station garage but buying a gift with their name and a message on it shows true thought and care.
  • Wrap it nicely. If you’re not a pro with the wrapping paper (or just can’t find the scissors) then choose a nice gift bag.
  • Gift it in person or leave a hand-written note. Just that little extra touch shows you care and are genuinely, sincerely saying thank you.

Thank You Gift for Mum

This thank you gift pairs nicely with a bottle of wine. All you have to do is gift it to mum and hope she shares a glass with you! Mums are special creatures – they do so much for us and ask for so little in return. So, let’s say a huge thank you to mum with the Personalised Any Message Wine Glass.

Any message you like can be printed on this elegant glass, so make it personal and special. Leave a thank you message that will really touch her heart or write a secret joke that only she will get.

Thanks, Teach!

Personalised Me to You Teacher A5 Notebook

After a long year of studying, homework, and laughs with your classmates, it’s time to say bye to your teacher and enjoy the summer holidays. But to say thank you, do you opt for the classic box of chocolates? The generic “world’s best teacher” mug? No!

Say thanks for all the lessons you’ve been taught this year with a cool personalised gift. Our top choice is this Me To You A5 Notebook. Personalise it with their name and a message. “World’s best teacher” for your maths tutor, “le meilleur enseignant du monde” for your favourite French teacher… you have endless options.

For the Groom’s Bestie

Any Message Round Cufflinks

Usually when you think of wedding thank you gifts, it’s the bride that’s treating and buying her bridesmaids gifts and treats in the run up to the wedding. But let’s not forget the groom. These rhodium plated personalised round cufflinks are a great way to say thank you to your best man, and any of the guys who will stand behind you at your wedding. They can even wear them at the wedding ceremony, and they’ll be a great reminder of the big day for years to come.

Thanks for Cat Sitting!

Paw Me Another Pink Hip Flask

After a great holiday in Portugal, you come to a happy cat who is so glad to see you. And who do you have to thank? Your cat sitter, the person who came round every day to feed the cat and water the plants. To say a huge thanks for taking care of your furry baby, check out this cool Personalised Paw Me Another Hip Flask.

Oh, and if you had a bunny sitter, we have a great thank you gift idea for that too – this Bunny Features Mug. You can write any message on the back!

Quick, We Need a Thank You Gift!

Classic Pink Scented Jar Candle

We are going to be completely honest with you. Some gifts are very last minute. So, it’s always a good idea to have a handful of these Classic Scented Jar Candles stashed away somewhere! You can personalise the candle jar with a simple message. “Thank you so much! Love, Jen and Mark” or any message that really works for any thank you situation.

The neighbour that trimmed all the hedges for you? Gift him a candle. The only hairdresser that your 5-year-old won’t scare off? She’d love a candle too. It’s a classic gift.

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Personalised 7x5 Grandparents Wooden Photo Frame

And by “it” we mean raise the kids! Granny and Grandpa help out so much, from babysitting in the evenings to spoiling your kids rotten. To say thank you, get a cute picture of your kids framed in this beautiful photo frame. The Grandchildren Wooden Photo Frame is made from walnut catalpa wood and the message below the photo is completely customisable.

It’s a wonderful thank you gift for all the helpful grandparents out there.

For the Cheffy Friend

Personalised Queen of the Kitchen Apron

Don’t we all have that one friend that simply must apply to go on The Great British Bake Off? After years of nibbling their cakes, biscuits and baking experiments, it’s time to say thank you for all the delicious food! This Queen of The Kitchen Apron can be personalised with their name. It’s a great way to say thank you… and subtly hint that you want them to keep calm and carry on baking.

For That Friend You Share Everything With

Personalised Monogram Travel Mug

You know the friend we mean. The one that comes round for a cup of tea or coffee and shares their life stories with you. It’s that friend that you can tell anything to without fear of judgement. Yep. And don’t they deserve a massive thank you for being your rock throughout the years?

Our favourite gift for friends like this is the Monogram Travel Mug. Have it personalised with their initials and wrap it up with a Starbucks gift card. You’ll be their best friend forever.

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