Personalised Valentine Gifts for Her and Him

Personalised Me to You Valentine Cushion Cover

The annual day of love is almost here.

This is the day you get a chance to let your special someone know how much you love them. You’ll want to gift them with something that says, “I cherish you” in a special way.

Don’t fret as it’s possible to simplify your valentine’s gift hunting experience by buying them something that you’re sure they’ll enjoy and love.

How you ask?

Well, get them a personalised gift.

Personalised gifts express your love for him or her much better than generic gifts.

If you are still in doubt, here are a few other reasons why a personalised gift will make the perfect gift for your valentine.

Personalisation Gives the Gift a Personal Touch

Adding a unique personalised message to your gift can change even the most humdrum of gifts. There are no two similar personalised gifts and customising the gift makes them know it’s made just for them. And anyway, who wouldn’t feel special after getting a customised gift rather than a generic gift? I know I would.

Almost Everything Can Be Personalised

You’ll be surprised to learn that almost everything can be personalised.

Whether you want to go wild this valentine’s or you’re just looking for a simple gift, you’ll find a personalised gift that suits your needs.

Almost everything you’re thinking of can be personalised. From wine bottles, name frames, flowers and flower vases, lockets, trinket boxes, chocolates,  to engagement rings, all these gifts can be engraved with a few loving words, a picture, or an image that shows your love for your sweetheart.

Makes a Great Keepsake Gift

A customised gift leaves a lasting impression. Your partner is likely to cherish her personalised wine glass compared to a generic one.

Whether you are getting something for your crush, a newfound love, or your partner of many years, they are sure going to remember you every time they look at their personalised gift. They will also keep it as a memento of the love you share.

Personalised Gifts Have a Romantic Side to Them

Nothing says ‘I love you” better than a personalised gift.

It tells your special someone that you took your time to find them something special. It also lets them know that this was not a last-minute rush gift. It was something you thought about in detail and took time to personalise.

Believe you me, this kind of gift is sure to raise their romantic vibrations.

Examples of Personalised Valentines Gifts for Him and Her

if you are at a loss on examples of personalised gifts you can get your significant other this valentines, here are a few ideas to get you started.

·      Customised Necklace

A beautiful necklace will never get out of style. To make sure that the one you give her reminds her of you, buy a customised one.

You can personalise it with her name or add a photo and make sure it comes with a customised necklace box.

This deity gift is sure to make her smile.

·      Personalised Chocolate Bar

Nothing brings sweet sugary satisfaction on Valentine’s Day like a bar of chocolate.

Whether your partner has a deliciously sweet tooth or not, a personalised bar of chocolate customised with their name and a few words of love will make them feel special.

·      Personalised Mugs

This thoughtful valentine’s gift is practice and makes a great keepsake gift.

Let him or her know you are thinking about them every time they take a sip of joe from their favourite mug.

You can even make it better by getting an adorable duo of mugs that brings you closer as a couple every morning when taking a hot cup of coffee.

·      Personalised Cufflinks

Not only are cufflinks functional, but they will add a unique touch to your man’s outfit.  Besides, your man will feel special to receive cufflinks that are customised just for him.

Whether you are looking for a simple pair for the office or one for special occasions, personalised cufflinks are sure to make him smile this valentine.

·      Personalised Photo Frame

The best gifts are ones you can enjoy with someone else. If you are looking for a romantic gift that will look good on your home wall, think of a photo frame. You can personalise it with your names and add a romantic message of your choice and make it really special.

·      Personalised Flower Vase

This valentine don’t just get her red roses. Let them come with a customised flower vase.

The white or red roses will look great on a vase that says I love you.

Whether you are getting roses for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister, any woman in your life will be awed by a customised vase for the flowers.

·      Personalised Bottle of Wine

Valentine isn’t complete without a bottle of sweet wine. A personalised wine bottle makes the perfect statement during your dinner date. Make it unique by having their photo on it or engraving a sweet romantic message.

Make the moment even more special by including some personalised wine glasses with your bottle of wine.

Our Top Recommended Personalised Valentines Gifts

Deviate from the norm and give her or him a personalised gift this valentine.

And you have a variety to choose from as we have our ten recommended valentine gifts for you this year.

Personalised Valentine Gifts for Her

Here are our top recommended valentine gifts for your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother or sister.

·       Message Me to You Silver Tone Heart Locket

Message Me To You Silver Tone Heart Locket

This cute personalised heart locket will make her smile. It is a beautiful gift and one that she can use to hold something of sentimental value, such as your photograph.

The silver-plated necklace is durable and will retain its silver colour even in years to come.

You can personalise this necklace with a sweet message as it has space for four lines of text and each line can hold up to 12 characters.

·       Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet

Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet, 19cm

This handmade rose bracelet is simply beautiful. The gold looking golf filled beads will add a dash of glam on her hand. The shiny gold finish gives it a polished look. The best part is that it comes with rose gold, silver and yellow gold flower pendants that you can personalise with her name.

This is the perfect valentine gift that gives a trendy fashion statement.  You can bet shell love it.

·       Me to You Bear with Hearts T-Shirt

Me to You Bear with Hearts T-Shirt

Let her know you love her by gifting her with this huggable, adorable bear this valentine.  The bear comes with a fixed ‘me to you’ message on the left paw.

You can customise this gift by adding a romantic text on the bear’s heart T-shirt.

This is the perfect gift for her to snug next to even when you are away.

Personalised Valentine Gifts for Him

You can choose the best gift for him from our top recommended valentine gifts for him below.

·       Heart Motif Round Photo Keyring

Heart Motif Round Photo Keyring

This round heart photo keyring will make a wonderful gift for him. He will remember you and smile every time he looks at his keys. This also makes a great keepsake gift that he can always carry around.

This keyring has a lasting silver finish and can hold two photos inside. Personalise it with a message at the back and let him know how much you love him.

·       Personalised No 1 belongs To Mug

Personalised No.1 Belongs To Mug

Let him know he is your most treasured person every time he takes a sip of coffee from this mug. The ceramic mug is long lasting and comes in a beautiful white colour with a red shaped heart at the front.

The words’ no 1’ and ‘belongs to’ are fixed, but you can customise it with a name role and even add a special romantic message at the back.

This is sure to make him feel special.

·       Personalised 12 Reasons Why I Love You Box and 12 HB Pencils

Personalised 12 Reasons Why I Love You Box and 12 Red HB Pencils

We bet he will love this gift.

Let him know why he is your favourite person by giving him 12 personalised reasons.

If he is obsessed with his stationery, the better as he will find this gift practical.

You can also personalise the lid of the box with a sweet message.

Personalised Valentine Gifts for Couples

We don’t want you to feel left out if you want to get a gift for two. Here are a few gift ideas from us to you.

·       Personalised Bold Text 7×5 Wooden Photo Frame

Bold Text 7x5 Landscape Wooden Photo Frame

A wooden photo frame is just uniquely beautiful. A personalised wooden photo frame is more breathtaking.

This photo frame made from Chinese Walnut Catalpa wood and it’s the perfect gift for your wife or husband this valentine.  You can personalise it with a romantic message as it has enough room for I line of text and two lines of text above and below the photo.

You can bet it will also look good on your wall.

·       Love Is All You Need Mirrored Glass Tea Light Holder

Love is All You Need' Mirrored Glass Tea Light Holder

You will love our personalised mirrored glass tea light holder.

This modern gift will look great in your home, and you can bet it will invoke some love feelings every time you lit it up.

It comes with a permanent ‘love is all you need’ message, but you can add a personalised message or the name of your loved one above this message.

·       Photo Upload Bottle of Red Wine

Valentine isn’t complete without a bottle of good wine. Gift your wife or husband this bottle of wine this valentine that comes with a personalised photo. You can also add a special message to them underneath the photo.

The bottle comes in a beautiful gold gift box that has red stuffing. Make this valentine special for the two of you by getting this personalised bottle of wine.

In conclusion, don’t go for a generic gift this valentine. A customised gift will make your loved one feel special, and you can bet such a gift will make the day even more romantic.

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