Personalised Christmas decorations

1st Christmas' Mouse White 6x4 Photo Frame

If you are looking forward to a memorable Christmas, we would advise you to do away with your usual plain and traditional glass balls and icicles decorations and try our unique personalised decorations.

Personalised Christmas decorations are a terrific way to decorate your Christmas tree or your home. They are unique and are great keepsake items that you and your family can treasure for years.

Need more convincing? Here are other reasons why personalised decorations are the way to go this Christmas season.

·      Can Be Customised For the Occasion

A personalised Christmas decoration can be customised to fit not only the occasion but also the recipient. For instance, you can hand paint the decoration and add the recipient’s name.

Let’s take the example of Christmas stockings, which are often used to tuck Christmas gifts for each member of the family. Most of these stockings have a special touch to them making it easier for the owners to identify them. This year, you can make Christmas merrier for your family members by adding an embroiled name to each Christmas stocking, making it special for the recipient.

·      They Show Your Creativity

Personalised Christmas decorations give you a chance to show others your creative side.

There are no rules when it comes to personalising such decorations. For instance, you can have decorations that include the pet name or nickname of your family members.

Further, you can personalise the decoration to best describe your relationship or friendship with your loved one. You can also consider the other person’s favourite colour and design and customise the decoration using this colour or design.

You can also go for decorations that depict the other person’s favourite pass-time activities. For example, if your sister loves gardening, you can gift them a decoration with a picture of their favourite gardening book. Alternatively, you can gift your aunt who loves cats with a cat-shaped decoration that is personalised with their cat name. When it comes to personalised Christmas decorations, you are allowed to play with your imagination and adding a personal touch makes it even more valuable.

·      A Show of Love

Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are special’ better than a personalised gift. During this Christmas period, let your loved one know you are thinking about them by getting them a personalised Christmas decoration as a gift.

Here are personalised Christmas decorations ideas you can use for the special people in your life:

  • Get your loving grandmother ‘the world best grandma’ decoration for their Christmas tree
  • Your caregiver will appreciate a personalised babysitter decoration
  • Get your friend who recently got a baby a ‘my first Christmas’ decoration
  • Even your big brother will be glad if you get them an ‘I love you big brother’ decoration for their Christmas tree

Such personalised Christmas decorations will make your friends and loved ones feel special.

Unique Personalised Christmas Decorations Ideas

You may be wondering what personalised Christmas decorations to get for your Christmas tree. Don’t fret as we have just the right ideas to guide you in the right direction.

Read on.

·       Personalised Photo Decorations

Try something different for your Christmas tree this season by getting personalised photo decorations. These can be made from strong ceramic and decorated with photos of your loved ones on both sides.

·       Pet Personalised Decorations

We often forget to include our pets as part of our Christmas decorations. Since they are also members of your family, why not include them in your decorations this year.

You can get decorations that are cut and shaped like your pet animals and personalise them with your pets names.

·       Wooden Personalised Decorations

Celebrate craftsmanship this Christmas by getting wooden decorations. They are not only durable but beautiful too.

You’ll find simple wooden elements that will add a rustic country feel to your Christmas decorations. You can go for beautiful wooden calendars, stars, snowman decorations, among many others and personalise them with a special message or a family photo.

·       Personalised Christmas Bauble Decorations

Bauble decorations are popular for Christmas, and we wouldn’t advise you to leave them out this year. However, you can go for unique ones such as Disney baubles, unicorn baubles, and light up baubles among others. Personalise these with your family photo or your friend’s name for that special touch.

·       Personalised Star Decorations

Christmas star decorations have religious meanings as they depict the star that led the three wise men to baby Jesus. The star on your Christmas tree probably represents this original star. This Christmas, a personalised star decoration will make for a unique Christmas tree. Personalise it with a photo or even include your family members’ names.

Our Eight Recommended Personalised Christmas Decorations

If you haven’t decided yet on the best personalised Christmas decoration to buy this year, here are our best eight personalised decorations for you.

These decorations are unique and can be customised with your family members name or photos. We hope you find one that will suit the purpose.

1.     Me to You My 1st Christmas Heart Decoration

Personalised Me to You My 1st Christmas Ceramic Heart Decoration

If you have a newborn in the family who is celebrating their first Christmas this year, this ceramic heart decoration would be a perfect gift. This lovely decoration features a blue-nosed bear and an attached ribbon that you can use to hang it on your Christmas tree.

The decoration is shaped like a heart showing just how much you are in love with your newest family member.

You can also gift it to a friend who has a toddler who is celebrating their first Christmas this year.

This decoration has a space of 15 characters where you can include the little one’s name and another 4-character space to include the date. This also makes for a great keepsake gift.

2.     In Loving Memory Tree Photo Frame Decoration

Personalised In Loving Memory Tree Photo Frame Decoration

Christmas is a time to make merry and celebrate. However, if you are missing someone who passed on, celebrate their memory with this photo frame. Maybe it’s for your mother who always made sure all your family members gathered home for Christmas or for your favourite dog who always handed you the Christmas decoration as you decorated the Christmas tree. Make their memories count with this photo frame decoration.

The decoration has three lines of text where you can include the person’s name. Line one and two can hold 15 characters while the last line can hold 12 characters.

The words ‘in loving memory’ are fixed. The frame will also fit a photo of 7.5cm*7cm dimensions.

The frame is made of wood which means it can be used for other Christmas to come. The frame also features a ribbon that you can use to hang it on the Christmas tree.

3.     Christmas Angel Ornament

Christmas Angel Ornament

This angel decoration is fit as a Christmas decoration and can also be used for other occasions. It features an image of an angel holding a heart. It is made of durable natural resin material and it comes in grey colour.

This charming gift can be personalised by adding a special message or a name to it. The ornament has two lines on the heart that can fit 12 characters each while the bottom of the ornament has a special Christmas message for your family or loved one.

4.     Reindeer Tree Decoration

Personalised Reindeer Tree Decoration

Reindeer are animals well-adapted to live in cold climates and are the perfect animals used to depict the winter season or the season associated with Christmas.

If you want to keep it real this Christmas, a reindeer decoration is the way to go. This decoration is made of steel and shaped like a reindeer. It also comes with a ribbon that you can use to hang it on your Christmas tree.

The colour of the decoration may vary, but you get to personalise it as it has four lines space that can fit 20 characters per line where you can include your customised message.

5.     Felt Stitch Penguin Ceramic Star Decoration

Personalised Felt Stitch Penguin Ceramic Star Decoration

Every Christmas tree needs a star decoration, and one is never enough.

How about buying this lovely merry Christmas star decoration that features a fuzzy felt stitched penguin? We love that it includes some Christmas colours such as the beautiful blue stars on the side and the blue and black penguin that is stitched on the white background.

Since it’s made of ceramic, you can keep it for more Christmas to come. The words ‘Merry Christmas’ is fixed, but there are 12 characters space at the bottom of the decoration where you can add your loved one’s name.

6.     In Loving Memory Rustic Angel Decoration

Personalised In Loving Memory Rustic Wooden Angel Decoration

Hoping to add some rustic feel to your Christmas decorations? Consider getting this wooden angel decoration. It is also a wonderful decoration that you can display to let others know you are celebrating the life of a loved one.

It’s made of durable wood, and it will stand out among your other Christmas decorations. It can also be used for other occasions other than Christmas such as during the celebration of a memorial service or just as a decoration that reminds everyone of a life well-lived.

The words’ in memory of’ are fixed, but it has enough space at the bottom where you can add the name of your loved one and also the date of their demise.

You can also include a lovely message that will act as a reminder of how special the departed soul was to you and the family.

7.     Unicorn Snow Globe

Unicorn Snow Globe

Unicorn decorations will never go out of fashion, and everyone is in love with them this year.

Don’t be left behind, get this unicorn snow globe that adds magic and dazzle to the room. This decoration not only taps into the unicorn trend, but it is also a great fit for the Christmas season.

The white unicorn blends well with the Christmas snow and the glitters inside this globe. The small purple, blue and pink flowers at the bottom make this decoration even more beautiful.

Personalise it with a special message for your loved one as it has two lines that can fit 20 characters each of the special message.

8.     Christmas Elf Multicoloured Pompom Sack

Personalised Christmas Elf Multicoloured Pom Pom Sack

Are you wondering what to use to deliver Christmas presents to your loved ones this season?

Worry no more.

Try out our multicoloured pompom sack made specifically for Santa.

The sack is made from a quality fleece material, and it comes with a drawstring ready for you to put in your gifts. The red and white colours on the sack are a great match to Santa’s clothes.

You can personalise it with a name as it has enough space to fit 12 characters just before the fixed ‘special delivery from the North Pole’ text.

In conclusion, make this Christmas special by including customised decorations for your home or lovely Christmas tree. If you think it’s too much hustle making a personalised Christmas decoration, we advise that you buy one from our personalised Christmas decorations collection and enjoy this Christmas in style.

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