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Personalised Greeting Cards

Send a greeting card and deliver a smile. Say hello, send a hug, send love, make them laugh or smile, to be supportive in a time of trouble, wish them better, kiss and make up, or, just to say… thinking of you!
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Cards cards cards! ✉️ Be gone dull boring cards, hello bright shiny new greetings cards! 🤓🎉✉️📮 Whether your wishing someone bon voyage, or congratulating a clever clogs, our gorgeous personalised greeting cards are available for any occasion! Cute clouds for baby showers, terrazzo for thank you or simple and subtle for a sentimental saying! 📮✉️📮

For many of us, our smartphone is our regular go-to option for communicating, however, there are still plenty of reasons to send a greeting card. Science has shown that receiving a card has a far greater emotional impact and makes people feel far more special and cared about than receiving emails or texts. At For You Gifts, you can find personalised greeting cards for birthdays and weddings, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day and Christmas and pretty much every other celebration in between. A personalised birthday card is the perfect way to send a greeting to someone special to celebrate their birthday. Our personalised Christmas cards make the perfect greeting card to convey a range of sentiments during the Christmas season.

Did you know? Wooden tablets found at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s wall, record an invitation, dictated by Claudia Severa, inviting her friend to a birthday celebration and they probably represent the earliest form of birthday card yet discovered. The first recorded Christmas cards were sent by Michael Maier to James I of England and his son Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales in 1611. The birthday card as we know it today, first made its appearance in mid-19th century Britain, shortly after the production of the first Christmas cards.

Spread some happiness and send a personalised greeting card!

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