Personalised Christmas Baubles

The putting up of Christmas decorations signal the start of the long-awaited festive season. As you prepare to decorate your Christmas tree with dazzling decorations, you are probably wondering if there is a way you can do it differently this year.

We are here to tell you that something as simple as using personalised baubles can make all the difference this Christmas.

In the past, Christmas baubles were meant for the wealthy. They were expensive as they were handcrafted and manufactured from glass. Later on plastic baubles were invented and this allowed for cheaper manufactured Christmas baubles that everyone could afford.

Today, you don’t have to settle for the plastic baubles as these decorations come on all shapes, colours, sizes, and textures. They are also made from different materials, and you can personalise them with meaningful photos, messages, and names of your loved ones.

But why go for personalised baubles this Christmas season? Because personalised baubles will make this season special in the following ways:

·      They Will Provide a Personal Connection

Customised gifts improve the connection between families and friends. During Christmas, we gather as family and friends to bond and make merry and personalised decorations and gifts are the best items to strengthen this bond.

Although personalised baubles are effective all year round, they are twice as effective during Christmas as everyone will enjoy the other’s company as we all hang such decorations on the Christmas tree and at our homes.

·      They Are Memorable Gifts

Gifts always have value, but they are even better when you know they are given with love and for you specifically. Since we are emotional beings, our memories work in such a way that we keep memories of happier times longer compared to sad memories.

A personalised bauble decoration received at Christmas will most likely have a positive mental association with your mind, and you are likely to cherish it for years to come.

·      It Is Unique

Christmas bauble decorations are nice enough. But truth be told everyone will have them on their Christmas tree.

Rather than going for the same old baubles why don’t you try to impress your loved one with a unique personalised Christmas bauble?

Such a personalised item gives you a chance to be creative by adding something that speaks to your special someone. They are also unique such that there is no possibility of your friend getting a similar bauble for a gift.

Personalised Christmas Baubles Ideas for you

Christmas baubles may look similar to you in the market. You may also be wondering how to choose the perfect bauble that will please your loved one.

To help you make the best decision when you go shopping, here are ideas that you can use to choose the best personalised Christmas bauble this season.

·       Personalised Clear Glass Baubles

Clear glass baubles stand out on your Christmas tree. You can personalise these by adding glued photos of your family on the inside or including a special message inside the bauble. Remember to include glitters to make the bauble even lovelier.

Most of these glass baubles will have a removable top making it easier for you to insert your loved one photo before putting the top back.

·       Tattooed Baubles

Sometimes you need to think out of the box when it comes to your Christmas decorations. For instance, you can go for tattooed baubles that are made of temporary tattoos.

Even better, the bauble can be personalised with your family members names or have a customised special message for your loved one.

·       Couple Bauble

If you intend to gift the newest couple in town with a gift this Christmas, you can opt for couple baubles. This is also an ideal gift for a couple who are friends to you and your family.

Rather than turning up at their home empty-handed this Christmas, gift them with couple baubles that can be personalised with the couple names.

·       My First Christmas Bauble

This is the best gift you can gift the newest member of a family who is also celebrating their first Christmas this year. Although the recipient of the gift may not understand why you are giving them something due to their age, the family will appreciate that you went out of your way to get the little one something.

This can also be a perfect keepsake gift as it will always remind the family of this Christmas when they celebrated with their newest addition.

·       In Loving Memory Baubles

If your family recently lost someone that meant the world to you, celebrate their lives this Christmas by having a personalised in loving memory bauble. Such a bauble shows that you are thinking of your loved one, even amid merrymaking and shows that their memory isn’t forgotten. This bauble can also be used on another occasion to remind everyone how much the departed soul is missed. It can be personalised with the departed person’s name and date of demise.

Our Eight Recommended Personalised Christmas Baubles

We want to make it easier for you to shop for a personalised bauble this Christmas.

If you have no idea where to start, here are our eight best recommended personalised Christmas baubles that you can purchase in your nearest store.

1.     Me to You Couple Christmas Bauble

Personalised Me To You Couples Bauble

If you are wondering what to gift your favourite couple this Christmas, wonder no more.

This me to you couple bubble is unique and sends the right message to your lovely friends. It features two teddy bears holding each other, depicting the love between the couple. It also has festive colours making it ideal as a Christmas decoration.

It also comes with a ribbon, which the couple can use to hang the decoration. You’ll love that you can personalise this bauble by including the couple’s two names at the front and also you can write a special message at the back of the bauble.

2.     Godfather Bauble

Personalised Godfather Bauble

Now here’s a perfect way of letting your godfather or your child’s godfather know that you cherish them. No godfather would frown after receiving this Christmas decoration gift.

The words ‘I am glad you are my godfather’ are fixed. Nevertheless, you can personalise this decoration by including the name of your godfather at the top and your name as the giver of the gift at the bottom. The bauble also comes with a ribbon that will help the recipient hang it on the Christmas tree.

3.     1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble


Personalised 1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble

Are you celebrating this Christmas in a new home? Have this bauble on your Christmas tree that reminds everybody how blessed you all are to be celebrating this Christmas in your new home.

This bauble can also be a welcoming gift for a neighbour that just moved in their new home.

While the words ‘1st Christmas in our new home’ are fixed, there is enough space to include your family’s name and the date you moved in.

The back of this bauble has four lines that can fit 20 characters for every line, which makes the space big enough to include a special message for the recipient.

4.     In Loving Memory Wreath Bauble

Personalised In Loving Memory Wreath Bauble

We don’t want you to forget a loved one who is no longer with you this festive season. This in loving memory wreath bauble is a great way to keep your loved one’s memories alive.

Include it as one of your Christmas decorations this year, and remind each other how much you all cherished the departed soul. You can personalise this bauble with the name of the deceased, which will be written at the front of the bauble.

5.     Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

Personalised Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

Glass Christmas ornaments have been hung on Christmas tree for years, and every year many people purchase such decorations proving that this tradition is not fading soon.

We are in love with this beautiful glass bauble as glass always looks good on your Christmas tree. This one is even better as it comes with a glass Christmas tree inside. Further, you can personalise it with a special message for your family as it has enough space.

Each of the three available lines on the bauble allows you to include a maximum of 20 characters making the number of characters that can fit in this decoration to be 60.

If you are thinking of getting a glass Christmas decoration this year, this would be a perfect choice.

6.     Cat Bauble

Personalised Cat Bauble

Don’t forget your favourite feline this Christmas. Acknowledge their presence by including this personalised cat bauble on your Christmas tree.

The bauble features a beautiful picture of a cat at the front, and the word cat is included next to the picture. It also comes with an attached ribbon that you can use to hang the bauble on your Christmas tree or next to your wonderful pet’s favourite resting place.

You can personalise this bauble with a loving message for your pet at the back of the bauble. The back has ample writing space of four lines, and each line can fit a maximum of 20 characters.

7.     Silver Glitter Name Only Feather Glass Bauble

This glass bauble will make a stunning addition to any Christmas tree. The glass bauble contains a beautiful white feather inside which makes for a lovely decoration.

The recipient can also use this decoration for other merry occasions other than Christmas as it doesn’t have the Christmas images and colours common in other Christmas baubles.  Further, you only personalise it with the recipient’s name.

Gift it to a friend or a family member, and they might even hang it on their bedroom’s wall and cherish it as a keepsake gift.

8.     Polar Bear My 1st Christmas Bauble

Personalised Polar Bear My 1st Chistmas Bauble

Do you know a family member with a new addition in their family? Help them celebrate the little one’s first Christmas with this bauble.

The bauble features a lovely polar bear that is a perfect image of the Christmas season. It also has little snowflakes, and two little bear paws included next to the polar bear.

The words ‘my 1st Christmas’ are fixed, but there is enough space at the bottom for you to include the little one’s name.

In conclusion, Christmas baubles have been part of the Christmas decorations from the late 1840s, and they aren’t going away any time soon. Today, these decorations have evolved becoming more popular. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stick to buying your usual boring baubles this Christmas. Choose to decorate your Christmas tree with personalised baubles this season. Personalised baubles are unique, and also make great keepsakes gifts. We hope by now this article has given you the insight you needed to decide on the personalised baubles to get for your home this Christmas.

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