3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Gift Extra Special

Lifetime of Adventures Couples Passports

It can be tricky to find the right wedding gift for newlyweds. Perhaps you don’t know the couple that well, or you’re looking for a gift with real wow-factor. No matter what the situation is, there’s a lot to consider when shopping for wedding presents. To make matters more difficult, many modern couples choose not to use registry lists, so it’s tough to know what they really want.

But there is a way round the wedding present conundrum – and that’s to choose a gift that goes the extra mile. Whoever you’re buying for, follow these 3 steps to make your wedding present extra special.

1.   Find A Meaningful Gift

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While there’s nothing wrong with a slow cooker or a coffee machine, wedding presents don’t have to be practical. Choosing a gift that has meaning to you and the couple you’re buying for will show them just how much you care about them. Plus, it’s often more affordable to purchase small meaningful gifts than expensive items from the registry. From wine glasses (for celebrating the wild wine-fuelled nights out you’ve shared) to photo frames (for framing some of your favourite memories), you’ll find tons of great wedding gift inspiration here.

2.   Personalise Your Gift

Lifetime of Adventures Couples Passports

There’s nothing more unique than a personalised wedding gift. Bespoke wedding gifts with customised names, dates, and messages can go a long way to making your present super special. Not everything is easy to customise (the couple may not thank you for etching their names into their fancy new coffee machine, for instance). But with a simple personalisation service, you’ll find lots of meaningful gift options that you can customise with the names and wedding date of the newlyweds. They’re guaranteed to love the thought you’ve put into handpicking and personalising their present.

3.   Make Your Gift Wrap Stand Out

The final step to giving a super special wedding present is to take special care with your gift wrap. Sure, you can use some wrapping paper you’ve had lying around for a while – but that may not reflect how much thought and consideration you’ve put into choosing the gift itself. Swap out the standard wrapping paper for a gorgeous DIY decorated gift bag. This tutorial shows you how to create stunning gift bags, using just a few craft materials and tools.

Your gift recipients will love the fact that you’ve gone the extra mile for them by decorating your own wedding gift bag. Not only that, but a stylish customised gift bag is the perfect precursor to the gift itself – a present that’s full of meaning and memories.

Where To Find Meaningful Wedding Gifts

Now you know what makes a great wedding gift, you can start hunting for the ideal present for your favourite couple. Our selection of personalised wedding gifts is a great place to begin. You’ll find presents for all kinds of couples, at a variety of prices, so you can find a fantastic gift that’s sure to mean the world to them.

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