10 Cool Gifts for Outdoor Summer Parties

Personalised Stamp Stainless Steel BBQ Kit

Whether it’s a midsummer birthday party or just a garden gathering to celebrate the end of lockdown over the BBQ, taking a gift is essential. But don’t leave the gift buying to the last minute, unless you want to rock up with a cheap bottle of supermarket wine and a sheepish smile.

You don’t want to be that person.

Instead, show up with a present that they’ll love. The kind of present that’s actually still being used and shown off at the end of summer (not gathering dust in the loft). And to do that, you need to check out these 10 cool personalised summer party gifts.

1. Compliments to the Chef – A Great Gift for Foodies

Personalised Heart Motif Hanging Slate Plaque

You rock up to a garden party and what’s the first thing you want? Well, after a frosty cold one.

Food, of course! An outdoor summer party isn’t great without a BBQ, buffet, or at least some Doritos to tide you over. And what better way than to say thanks to the host for providing nibbles than this Personalised Engraved Hanging Slate Plaque.

It’s a cool way to show gratitude for all the tasty food and compliment the chef.

2. A Gift Fit for The Kings and Queens of the BBQ

Black Apron

Show your appreciation for the king or queen of the grill with this sleek Personalised Black Apron. One size fits all and you have three lines of text to play with. Do you go for something utterly hilarious, or play it safe with “James, Master of The Grill”?

Either way, this gift will be a smash. Black is a great colour for hiding greasy finger smudges too.

3. A Special Present for a Special Outdoor Summer Party

Personalised Heritage Plaque

When you’re invited to a special occasion, you need a very special outdoor summer party gift to go with it. This present, the Personalised Heritage Plaque, is just that. You can add a few lines of text to commemorate the moment, then take your hammer and nails to put it up at the party. Outdoor celebrations like anniversaries, baby showers, and landmark birthdays are all great occasions for this gift.

4. Show Dad Some Appreciation""Barbeque Grill Master"" Printed Hanging Slate Plaque

Summer after summer, who’s the guy that makes sure the beer is cold, the grill is hot, and everyone has a good time? It’s nearly always dad, your hero. So, this little impromptu gift for your dad will help show how much you care.

Wrap it up and see his surprise when he opens it or hang it up by the grill before the party starts. Either way, he’ll be chuffed with the “Barbeque Grill Master” Printed Hanging Slate Plaque.

5. Hey, Where’s the Bottle Opener?

Army Pen Knife and Box Set

Save everyone some time and get that bottle of bubbly open fast with this Personalised Army Pen Knife and Box Set. It’s a thoughtful gift and a practical one they can use immediately. With a can opener, bottle opener and corkscrew, you’ve technically just delivered three gifts in one. You can even personalise the knife and the box. Now you’re definitely the host’s favourite!

This gift pairs nicely with a bottle of wine and a hearty “cheers”.

6. Bringing the Pub to the Party

""Beer Garden"" Printed Hanging Slate Plaque

You’ve worked hard all week and now it’s time to go to the pub. But whether it’s a COVID lockdown getting in your way, or just your partner dragging you to a garden party instead, you can still bring the pub with you.

This cool gift turns any slow party into a great evening down the pub. The “Beer Garden” Printed Hanging Slate Plaque can be personalised with any name or nickname.

7. Outdoor Summer Birthday Parties, AKA Gin Time!

Gin Large Hanging Slate Sign

No adult outdoor summer birthday party is complete without gin. You can bet on two things. Someone is bringing prosecco, and another person is bringing gin. But you’ll be the only person bringing a commemorate and funny Gin-Themed Large Hanging Slate Sign!

Have any message you like printed on this sign. It’s great for birthdays and anniversaries where the gin flows like water! Oh, and you’d best pick up another bottle of tonic on your way in.

8. A Summer Party Gift They’ll Definitely Keep Using

Personalised Stamp Stainless Steel BBQ KitIt’s a real tragedy. Do you know how many sausages are lost to the flames of the BBQ each year at summer parties?

But this gift is sure to be appreciated by BBQ meats and BBQ masters of all kinds. The Personalised Stamp Stainless Steel BBQ Kit (with the zipped storage bag, of course) is a 3-piece set, with a spatula, fork, and meat tongs.

A sure way to earn you an extra burger from the chef.

9. Go On Then, Just One More

""Gin Bar"" Printed Hanging Slate Plaque

It’s an outdoor summer party, of course there’s going to be a lot of gin! But before you get started on those G&Ts, don’t forget to thank the host with this smart sign. The “Gin Bar” Hanging Slate Plaque helps the good times roll, with a slice of gratitude.

What’s really cool is that this gift is completely unique, thanks to the natural slate used to create each sign.

10. A Final Gift for Outdoor Summer Parties

Prosecco O'Clock Large Hanging Slate Sign

All you need to do is personalise this gift with your friend’s name and you’re all set for that glorious outdoor summer party. And yes, it will probably rain (it’s a British summer, after all) but with a great gift like this you’ll have a smile on your face anyway. Or maybe that’s thanks to the prosecco…

Check out the Prosecco O’Clock Large Hanging Slate Sign. It’s just one of the many epic personalised gifts you can choose from at For You!

Psst, Here’s The Right Way to Wrap Your Presents!

Have you figured out how you’ll wrap your cool summer party presents? Everyone loves opening a surprise! When you gift someone a neatly wrapped present, it shows you care… and then it’s ripped open in 0.1 seconds. But that’s just part of the fun, right?

Oh, and don’t worry – there’s no need to spend hours agonising over miles of wrapping paper with sticky tape stuck to every finger. The key is to put your cool summer party present in a box and follow this quick video guide.

You’ll be done in minutes.

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